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Have you ever dreamed of coming into contact with your true self? Do you want to tame the mind with its continuous flow of thoughts or spend time in quiet contemplation? Do you want to try traditional Yoga but you can hardly find authentic yoga classes in Romania? Have you been dedicating yourself to this adventure of self-exploration for some time and you want to try new experiences?

In any case, a journey dedicated to self-discovery is the perfect answer for those who want to travel inside.

There are different levels of experience for each:

  • you are new to meditation / yoga / personal development and spirituality, but you are eager to learn as part of a wellness journey or exploring a country and culture that fascinates you;
  • you have tried or even practiced at home meditation techniques, yoga or other system of knowledge and development, and you are looking for a way to deepen this practice;
  • you have been to retreats, ashrams, or even adult camps and you want to continue on this path.

Regardless of your level of knowledge or techniques, there is a self-discovery experience right for you.

Meditation is an ancient spiritual practice that involves reflection, peace, and mental discipline. From the ashrams in Nepal to the ones in India, returning to the yoga and meditation camps in the Carpathian Mountains, the world is full of beautiful places where you can travel to tame your mind and find your true self. We only offer you tested locations where we know that you will have the necessary safety and comfort.

During this period, which put many of us to the test, we suspended tours in India and Nepal. What we can tell you for sure is that we will not give them up and we will let you know when we feel the time has come.

Trips in Nepal

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