Our guided or self-guided holidays allows you to choose your own rhythm.


Walking holidays – Hiking and mountain tours

Walking is sometimes the only way to see the places you dream of. Make friends with the black goats on Bucegi’s ropes or stay still, quietly, when a deer appears in the Carpathian forests. Let’s see a rhino from a few tens of meters in the Nepalese jungle or challenge yourself by hiking through the high villages of the Himalayas.

Snake on paths and meadows, climb steep cliffs or volcanoes, walk along rivers or through jungles and desert. Our guided or self-guided holidays allow you to choose the right rhythm for you.

Walking and hiking are in our DNA.

  • Walking adventures:
  • Trekking for those with a busy work schedule: adventures of 1-4 days
  • Endurance hikes in the mountains of Romania
  • Challenging mountain tours – hiking
  • Trekking at altitudes over 3 – 4000 meters in India, Nepal and Georgia
  • Educational hikes for any age: how to use the map and orient ourselves, how to choose a route according to the preparation of the group, how to follow the markings, how to sleep with the tent in the mountains, what to take with us on a hike day or several days. Safety and comfort while hiking.

Trekking trips


”Singurul tărâm pe care tot oamenii doresc să-l vadă, iar după ce l-au văzut o dată, chiar și numai o bucățică, nu ar mai da bucatica asta pentru toate spectacolele

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